Monday, August 24, 2009

Enthusiasm - Disney World "Performers"

We visited Disney World (in Florida) during 2006 and it was a pleasant experience.  I was amazed at the enthusiasm and cheer demonstrated by the performers, especially the "Disney Parade" performers.  Those guys perform similar shows and activities daily (twice or more, I believe) but able to keep their enthusiasm and, always, wear a smile.

In IT Industry, I know many complaining about getting bored after an year or two being in the same project.  Need to learn from the Disney World performers (that secret !)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am sinking into the APPLE world

Until 2008 December, I was a dumb guy wr.t. Apple. Only thing I knew was that Apple OS is Macintosh and it is very expensive and not for a guy like me.

I, indeed, was wrong. Got my IPhone during Dec 2008, got completely immersed in the user experience I felt using the IPhone. Innovation, without any exception, Apple is all over it. Well, Google too is not so behind and will talk about Google little later.

Next, during early 2009, I got a Dell Mini 9 and installed OSX + ILIFE + IWORK on it. I was in the Hackintosh world. I knew nothing about OSX until I installed it in my Dell Mini 9. OSX 10.5.6 amazed me and took me to various levels of satisfaction as a normal computer user. Usability engineers at Apple has spent enough R&D time to provide users with new features. I don't see such features (check out in Windows (Linux seems to have few).

Aug 2009, things changed and I ended up buying a high end Macbook Pro from Apple Store. Wooo ! Trackpad Gestures, Hulu, Unibody, Lightweight, Aluminium, Dock, Quicksilver, Garageband, Adium etc amazed me.

Now, I am enjoying my Time Capsule, my Wi-Fi + NAS Solution.

Friends, if you are not used to Apple, I would recommend you going to a Apple Retail Store or Best Buy or the least, and experience APPLE.

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