Friday, October 4, 2013

The Q, U, A, L, I, T, and Y from ASQ Global State of Quality Research 2013

Paul recently wrote about Infographic: The Pulse of Global Quality.  Inspired by his writing, I thought of jotting down the key revelations related to global quality - the Q, U, A, L, I, T and Y from the study conducted by ASQ on the Global State of Quality Research. 

Q -
  • Qustomer - Great companies share product and service quality performance with customers
  • Quality measures are used to influence the culture of quality as a component of performance-based compensation
  • Quality Governance - Centralized Quality Department (for Manufacturing), Governance by a Senior Leader (for Services industry).
U -  
  • Understanding of product performance through customer's eyes is essential
  • It is important to understand the quality practices of services companies Vs. that of manufacturing companies. 

A -
  • Analytics - Many companies use quality measures for trending and predictive analytics.

L - 
  • Leadership Development Focus: Succession planning of leaders that manage organization's quality process is important.

I -  
  • Incentives are provided to  staff that meet quality targets
  • Improvement efforts are successful when it is data-driven, based on as-is and to-be information.

T -
  • Training is mostly provided on the topics: Quality Management and Audits 
  • Training is provided to suppliers on  quality management system.   

Y -
  • Your company's Senior Quality Position report directly to the CEO or equivalent was an interesting question

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