Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back at Quality in the year - 2011

In next few hours, we will be leaping into another New Year 2012.   Paul's last blog post, for this year,  2011 in Quality: Successes and Disappointments, had a serious tone.   His message clearly conveyed the 'gap'  in quality; what quality should have been and what it really is.  That being said, I believe that, ASQ and the quality community has achieved significant growth in spreading voice of quality.

The term 'voice' became very popular amongst the quality community and it almost has replaced the term 'member'.  So, today we are 'ASQ Voices' and, our objective is to spread the voice of quality.

I would like to list down various initiatives launched by ASQ to raise the voice of quality.  For me, these are real SUCCESSES of 2011:

1) ASQ Influential Voices Blog turned 1 and several topics were discussed by the influential voices bloggers and the quality community.  A great start to raise the voice of quality and more to come during next few years. 

2) ASQ became more popular and several discussions were published on Facebook, Twitter etc., social networking sites. 

3) World Quality Month was moved to November and a great looking website was launched.  An innovative idea called "Share Your Quality for Life Story" was launched to capture voices of ASQ members who use their passion, commitment, and skills to make a difference in their communities and throughout the world. 

4) Quality Progress spotlighted 40 under 40, a great and young initiative from ASQ to introduce to world a list of 40 proven quality practitioners.  I consider these young people a great long-term investment by ASQ to raise the voice of quality exponentially. 

5) ASQ website is now more jazzy.  It has a cool look and is more user-friendly.   World community should get information on quality lot easier now.

6) ASQ came up with an innovative program to gift a 6 month membership to a buddy - "Add a new voice" program.  An innovative way to raise the voice of quality and grow ASQ.

7) Finally,  we all could know ASQ much closer than ever.  I could learn more about Paul, his team and his passion for spreading the voice of quality.  Leaders from Ford, GM etc., shared their insightful views on quality.

Yes, all these happened successfully during the year 2011.

I consider that  2011 was a significant year for ASQ, Quality and the Quality Community.  The "Increasing rate of change" is unimaginable.  But it is positive.  Quality is here to stay and improve tremendously to ensure the safety and well being of the human community.  Influential voices will do their job to spread the voice of quality.  I urge everybody to join and work together to spread the voice of quality.  

Wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2012.

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