Friday, September 18, 2009

What motivates me?

More than a decade of work life, most of them in IT - What motivates me? Money, Promotion, Sophisticated life, Electronics goods, US Life .....  i am not sure !

     a good work successfully completed,
     a satisfaction in my daughter's face,
     a smile when I see or talk to my old friend,

my mother, who lived for us !!!

Twitter - Innovation, Learning

I am amazed at the tweeters who make learning in all dimensions so simple !!!  Twitter, definitely, is an amazing innovation.  

Ignorance & Learning

Over the years, I have learned to say that "I DON'T KNOW", if I really do not know !!!  Ignorance keeps learning doors wide open.

Katrathu Kai Alavu, Kallathathu Ulagalavu !!!

Documentation : A Successful Project

My Own Experience: One Successful Project (Documentation)

1. Ensure that you are fully dedicated (or have sufficient bandwidth) for the project.
2. Work hard to collect documentation - related and unrelated !  Talk to friends about the project, gather experiences
3. Understand clearly what customer wants, capture the details
4. Don't take a previous project template, instead create a new one
5. Put together the required project documentation
6. Add Pictures, flow diagrams to the project documentation - create them your own
7. Review first draft with the customer and get review comments (well ahead of delivery date, say, a week before)
8. Incorporate customer comments and deliver on the delivery date
9. Got a happy customer !

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mac - Amazing !

Learning about Macintosh computers is really amazing.  With snow leopard release, more cool tips and tricks are available -

Mac Geeks should definitely read this -

Friday, September 4, 2009

What I learnt in TCS


A quick look at my 'learning' past  in TCS, will continue to learn though:

1. Leadership, abundant opportunities to grow
2. Work with a team, practice more preach less
3. Focus on objectives, forget  initial hurdles
4. Appropriately use a good work done, gain new business
5. Never feel shy,  approach people for information

Trignometry - Nostalgic

Suddenly remembered about the Trignometric lessons in school learned years before.  Wondering when I will use these in real life.   Hmm.. I am a software engineer !

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