Sunday, June 22, 2014

Organizational Excellence

It is no surprise that ASQ has won the Wisconsin Forward Award (WFA) for 2014.  ASQ has always been an organization committed to continuous improvement and high standards of excellence. The WFA award has just proved the leadership position of ASQ in delivering organizational excellence.  As Bill  rightly said, the WFA award has demonstrated that ASQ practices what it preaches.

I have had the opportunity to visit the ASQ Milwaukee headquarters for few workshops and meetings and meet with some ASQ Leaders and Members.  I have personally seen and experienced the process excellence and high quality while at ASQ campus.  ASQ Leaders and Members always are keen on continuous improvement and lifelong learning.

The organization that I am part of has long back embarked on an excellence program called TBEM (Tata Business Excellence Model).  TBEM is a customized adoption of the Malcolm Baldrige Model.  This model focuses on 7 core aspects - i) Leadership, ii) Strategic Planning, iii) Customer and Market Focus, iv) Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management, v) Workforce Focus, vi) Process Management, and vii) Business Results.  Every year, Tata group companies compete for the TBEM award and strive to improve their leadership position.  Company performance is measured in absolute points.  Companies have to achieve minimum 500 points (out of 1000) within 4 years of signing the Brand Equity and Brand Promotion (BEBP) agreement.  With continuous improvement focus, the TBEM model goes through regular and calibrated updates to stay in step with the dynamic business environment.

TBEM core values and principles are very well built into the organization's processes.  It is very much the part and parcel of every employees' work life and business transactions.  Ethics and Governance are key and all employees strictly adhere to the Tata Code of Conduct. Continuous improvement is the focus mantra; best practices and lessons learnt are shared across the organization.  Our organization is always prepared ahead-of-time for the yearly TBEM evaluation process.  The results of the evaluation are promising and the organization is continuously improving its leadership position to stay on top with respect to organizational excellence. 

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