Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Magic of Culture of Quality

While shopping, when I come across products manufactured by certain companies, my heart confidently says, "Close your eyes and just buy"!  These type of purchases of certain special products happen in a quick fraction of a second.  I also don't repent later for this quick decision to buy.  That is the confidence we get on certain special products and services.  I believe that you also have experienced this. 

What is that magic that helps companies create such special products and services that sell like hot cakes, that the customer does not mind paying that extra buck and, not only that, worship and take great care of the product after purchase.  I strongly believe that it is nothing other than, the 'Quality Culture" that is in the veins of such companies. 

Paul spoke about Apple.  In today's world, I believe, that is the best example to explain customer experience.  I have seen people buy Apple products - with no second thought and 100% trust.  Many Apple products are expensive compared to equivalent products sold by other companies.  What is that mantra that Apple believes in and practice?  Trust me, it is the Quality Culture that eventually transforms into a great customer experience. 

I would like to take another example from the services industry.  In India, the best hospital chain that provides exceptional customer experience is the Apollo Hospitals.  Customers, irrespective of which Apollo Hospital they visit, get same high quality treatment and facilities.  When compared to other hospitals, most times, Apollo hospitals are expensive, but customers still prefer Apollo.  Why? Apollo's  quality consciousness and patient-centric approach along with superior clinical governance measures help them deliver best customer experience.  They have obtained 4 JCI accreditation across all  specialties (first in India) and is ISO 9002 certified.

Now, let us look at those 5 secret elements (listed below) that help companies build the state-of-the-art culture of quality. 

1. The Right Leader:  If Steve Jobs had not returned back to Apple, may be, Apple would not have delivered the customer experience that today's Apple products possess.  A good leader who does not compromise anything for quality is needed

2. The Quality Standards:  Adhering to proven quality standards will definitely help.  Apollo hospitals adhered to ISO, Bureau of Indian Standards and Indian Council of Medical Research.  These standards definitely helped them build a robust quality culture that delivered the excellent customer experience and satisfaction

3. The Vision of the Company: The company should have a crystal clear vision where Quality is never compromised - be it at the product, service, people, process or any other levels

4. The Mindset to Change to Improve:  Everything in this world is subject to change.  To improve, change is absolutely required.  Those companies that have succeeded in creating the culture of quality knew how to manage change

5. Last but not the least, The Belief:  The movie 'Kung Fu Panda' conveys one beautiful message - "Believe in self, there is no special ingredient"! 

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