Monday, May 23, 2011

What is the future of quality?

In this post, I discuss about ASQ's  2011 Forces of Change - Shaping the Future of Quality.

Gone are those days where quality could be defined in a 'single sentence'.  Quality has transformed significantly and taken various dimensions.  Modern day quality practitioners have started to think beyond Total Quality Management, Kaizen, ISO, CMM etc.  ASQ is one of the key ambassadors that promote quality across the world.  ASQ's future of quality study started in 1995.  It is growing and improving year on year.   The way each study has come up with the set of forces of change indicate that the world is changing so rapidly and the role of quality in this dynamic world should adapt accordingly.  Interestingly, globalization is  the only force that has been carried forward, without change, from the start to till date.  This means, other parameters are changing frequently.

2011 forces of change focus on 8 key parameters:  1) Global responsibility, 2) Consumer awareness, 3) Globalization, 4) The increasing rate of change, 5) The Workforce of the Future, 6) Aging population, 7) 21st century quality, and, 8) Innovation.  

Is something missing here, that can be looked at.  Yes, I think so. They are forces to:  1) Ensure Security and Safety - Physical, Information etc.,  2) Help adapt to Risks - Natural Disasters, Terrorism etc.,  3)  Improve Satisfaction - Customer, Self etc., and 4) Deliver certainty.

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