Saturday, November 26, 2011

Spread the Voice of Quality Every November: It's World Quality Month

I cherish my several years of relationship with ASQ. Yes, I have completed my 9th year of membership with ASQ and ventured into the 10th year during November 2011.  Coincidentally, November is my membership renewal due and, also, the World Quality Month.  Henceforth, I will never forget to renew my membership, and will carry the reminder to continue to spread the voice of quality in my heart.  Through this blog article, I would like to summarize my association with ASQ and contribution towards quality as part of my daily work life.

Well, I have been a silent contributor towards ASQ and Quality. I also admit that I have been a great beneficiary due to ASQ. I had the honor to contribute as a member of the standing board of reviewers at the Quality Press, where I get to read and review the latest publications in Quality.  The requirement to acquire credits to renew my Certified Software Quality Engineer certification, once in every 3 years, ensure that I continue to contribute towards quality.   Influential Voices blogging,, Quality Progress magazine and Software Quality Management journal, keep me up-to-date with the happenings in quality.   Through my association with Quality Assurance Institute and Association of Computing Machinery, I get to learn and contribute further towards quality.

Ensuring delivery of high quality software products and services is my bread and butter.  The organization that I work for, follows an Enterprise Level Integrated Quality Management System that is highly mature from a quality perspective.  It integrates processes, people and technology maturity through various established frameworks and practices, including IEEE, ISO 9001: 2000, CMMi, SW-CMM, P-CMM and Six-Sigma.  By being part of the Telecom Business Unit, my unit also adheres to TL9000 quality standards.   Audits, reviews, walk-through, inspection, templates, checklists, standards, tools, lesson learnt, best practices, knowledge management and sharing etc., are  frequently used quality keywords.  Many times, I understand the latest definitions for these keywords through my association with ASQ.

I consider that any service industry is very unique and a challenging environment for a quality professional.   Here, every customer is different with varying quality requirements, standards and satisfaction levels.  Quality is almost intangible here, hence accurate measurement of quality becomes  difficult.  Experience, knowledge, certifications etc., come handy for a quality professional working in a service industry to best serve the customer.  But, ASQ and like organizations share the latest and greatest in quality and help ensure end-to-end maturity and high standards.  I urge every ASQ member to introduce a colleague of yours to ASQ (utilize the free six months membership that will end this November 2011), celebrate the world quality month every November and SPREAD THE VOICE OF QUALITY.  Let us build a safe, strong and happy community.


Quality Alchemist said...

Happy New Year 2012!

Ashok M Vaishnav - અશોક વૈષ્ણવની ફુર્શતની પળો said...

One of the more fundamental way to spread the mesaage of Quality, in my biew, would be to inculcate the habit of 'first time right' from th childhood.
Most of [reasonably senior]the quality professionals , for that matter any professional, would be a parent already.They can start imparting this attitude from home and then can help the schools to organize camapaigns for other students.
if we can deliver a message to a child, we would certainly be able to communicate with a gorwon-up colleague on the virtues of Quality as a way of Life, rather than a mere professional trait.

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