Monday, April 29, 2013

Service Quality - Impact of Mobility and Social Media

This month's discussion topic is around service quality.  Quite surprisingly, last year's ASQ customer service survey reported that companies don't consider customer service as a top priority.  In today's agile world, one year can change things drastically.

With the advent of modern smartphones (and mobile devices), both customers and companies are relying a lot on the social media to learn, share and gather useful information.   This information is available for free in the Internet that helps companies measure service quality more accurately than before.  Since the data in Internet is huge, modern techniques like Big Data Analytics help extract the right intelligence from the available data.

Let me site an example here.  Imagine I go to an Apple store to buy the new iPhone 5 that was recently released.  Whether my purchase experience was good or bad, I usually take a minute to go to my facebook page to post my service experience at the store.   For the Apple store manager, this feedback of mine in the social media is important and it helps measure the reputation of a particular store from a service perspective. 

Communication and feedback are two key aspects for accurately measuring service quality. While ASQ BOK for Service Quality covers communication, from social media, it can further be enhanced to take into effect the benefits of mobility and the social media in measuring service quality.


albina N muro said...

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John Michle said...

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