Monday, April 2, 2012

How to sell Quality: Some Success Stories

I invite you to read the "Amazing Infosys Story", the story of a company that changed the way world looks at India.  This company gave a new dimension to Information Technology (IT). Today, it delivers high quality software products and services.  How are they continuing to sell high quality?  The answer is straight - the company, its founders and their employees believed in and, always, practised ethics, hard work and dedication in what they do.

While Infosys is a remarkable story, I can not resist talking about Steve Jobs and his real leadership lessons.  What did Steve do to make Apple as one of the best companies world has ever seen?  How he could produce high quality and innovative Apple products. Simple - his success mantras to sell quality were: 1) Focus on just few priorities, 2) Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, 3) Be end-to-end responsible, 4) Products are important than profits, and, 5) Practice Perfection.
Maruti Suzuki, the car manufacturer based out of India, recently (during Feb 2012) achieved the 10 million domestic sales record.  This is a great achievement and its worthwhile to look at what they did to achieve success.  While Maruti focussed on producing high quality cars, they really sold quality through their top class "After Sales Service".  Service focus is Maruti's success.

Now, how did Wii outperform Xbox and Playstation? If you analyze closely, Nintendo focussed on two key factors: 1) bringing change to their game controllers - wireless, motion-sensitive controllers and, 2) the real user experience - to feel reality.  Strategy along with strong consumer focus played a key role in the success of Wii.  Yes, a clever strategy helps sell quality.

Can somebody sell quality.  If yes, how?  This was the topic set by Paul Borawski for discussion.  The above success stories are real-life examples of how companies and their leaders achieved and sold quality.   The take away message is clear: simplicity, hard work, ethics, passion, dedication and focus help sell quality.

It will not be apt if I conclude this blog article without mentioning the Facebook success story.  What did Mark Zukerberg do different?  It was Mark's passion, right from his childhood days, that gave birth to the ever popular social networking platform - Facebook.  Yes, passion also helps create and sell quality !

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