Monday, April 30, 2012

Quality Professionals: The Happy Group of People

It is great to learn that 'Software Quality Assurance Engineers" have the most happiest job (per Forbes magazine) in the US.  In most software companies, Software Quality Assurance Engineers' (QA Engineers) primary job is to test the software delivered by developers/programmers.  The work load of these QA Engineers increase exponentially few days before the final software delivery and implementation period.  Testing and Re-testing is very common in the software development world and can be a tiresome exercise for many.  But these QA Engineers are happy, as their hard work is to ensure a quality product and, therefore, a delighted customer.  It is said that 'Hard work and regular Practice  brings Perfection and Happiness for successful people. 

Paul asks a good question though - Are quality professionals happy?   Yes, I believe they are.  Here, I would share my experience.  During 2006, I got an opportunity to participate in a workshop  at ASQ headquarters in Milwaukee.  I met an awesome team comprising of ASQ employees and members.  The entire 2 days of workshop was fun with an opportunity to learn about and work with a happy group of quality professionals, who basically were entrepreneurs, NASA employees, IT professionals, Teachers and what not.  Over the last decade, through ASQ and in the professional world, I have interacted with many happy Quality professionals.  The message is that Quality professionals across the world are happy. 

I invite you to read about the 'Quality First' commitment of TVS Motor Company (TVS).  Total Quality Management is the strength of companies like TVS.  The QA team at TVS does a great job.  The beauty here is that all their employees, not only QA professionals, are high quality conscious and passionate about quality.  I know some of these employees who honestly practice quality techniques such as 5S and Kaizen at home.  Bottom-line, quality is in their blood and keep them happy.

Every year, during the QQuest conference conducted by Anna University in Chennai, quality professionals from various companies and schools participate in various competitions related to quality and, also, present technical papers.  I have been to these conferences and, trust me, it is great to see a happy group of quality professionals from varied industries.  

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